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Bolivia is one of the most mysterious and unexplored places. However, it is fraught with many fascinating things. This is the country with the highest mountains and the most multinational state in the world. Moreover, it has a unique culture, a specific mixture of Catholic traditions and Native American beliefs.

And, what is the most attractive for male tourists, Bolivia is rich in beautiful girls. But, unfortunately, few foreign men know much about Bolivian women, and they are rather underestimated in the international marriage market.

But Bolivian ladies are worthy of Western men’s attention. Despite not being very popular, they can make foreign men happy. And from this guide, you will find out why dating a Bolivian girl is a good idea and how to do this.

What Are Bolivian Women Like?

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Few men from the USA and Western Europe know much about these faraway ladies. But if they knew at least the essential features of these girls, there would be much more marriages between Bolivian women and Western men. Here are 3 main characteristics that make these girls attractive and pleasant to date.

Bolivian Girls Are Pretty and Exotic

Young Bolivian girls look irresistible. Their big hypnotizing dark eyes, long thick brunette hair, and sexy full lips make them very attractive. Furthermore, the women of Bolivia can boast of large breasts and wide hips. Thanks to their beckoning shapes, sexy Bolivian girls captivate men at first sight.

Bolivian Ladies Are Bright

It is customary in Bolivia to wear bright fancy clothes and accessories. Also, Bolivian women use a lot of cosmetics. This makes them very eye-catching.

Bolivian Women Are Positive but Reserved

Communication with Bolivian girls brings a lot of positive emotions to those who have managed to win their trust. Bolivian girls are kind and optimistic, but they are rather suspicious towards new acquaintances, and it takes some time for them to get used to a new friend.

Do Bolivian Women Make Good Wives?

Bolivian wives have a few qualities that make their husbands happy. Spouses from this country are:

  • Young. It is not customary in Bolivia to delay marriage until 30-35 years old. The majority of girls are ready to start a family at the age of 18-25.
  • Hard-working. Bolivian girls are used to helping their mothers with household chores. And once they grow up and get married, they do whatever it takes to keep their home clean and to provide their husbands and kids with tasty and diverse dishes.
  • Loving and grateful. Bolivian wives are very caring and affectionate towards their husbands. They are sincere in expressing their love for their life partners. If a Bolivian wife sees that her husband tries hard to keep his family in comfort, she is grateful for everything and surrounds her spouse with love and care.

Where to Meet Bolivian Women?

Going to Bolivia in Search of a Girlfriend

Bolivia is not the most popular tourist destination. But if you are an avid traveler, this country is a great choice, which will give you an exciting experience and the chance to find a loving girl.

The most interesting city in Bolivia is La Paz. Local youth often gather downtown and at malls. So, you can meet Bolivian girls right in the city center or at MegaCenter, the biggest mall.

Going Online as a More Progressive Approach to Finding a Match

You don’t have to go kilometers away from your home to meet Bolivian women. It is possible to find a match from this country, wherever you are.

Many Bolivian girls are shy of offline dating. Therefore, they join specialized online platforms to find a match.

You can find thousands of beautiful ladies from this country on international dating sites. Moreover, you can count on professional help at every stage of a relationship.

3 Tips on Dating Bolivian Girls

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  1. Give Her Some Time to Get Used to You

Bolivian women are rather shy when it comes to dating, especially with foreigners. So, don’t rush her and wait patiently for her to feel comfortable enough to express her feelings openly.

  1. Cover the Financial Side of Dating

A Bolivian lady takes it as an insult when a boyfriend offers to split the bill. Therefore, you should always cover her part of the bill on the dates. Also, you should be responsible not only for the expenditures on the date itself but also for the transport costs. You should either take your beloved lady everywhere by your own car or give her some money to get to the place of a date.

  1. Give Presents to Her

Bolivian girls are fond of beautiful clothes and accessories. Even if a lady can afford to buy these things by herself, she will still expect her boyfriend to give them to her as presents. Also, Bolivian women are fond of flowers. In general, presents are considered to be an indispensable part of courtship.


What Language Do Bolivian Women Speak and How to Overcome a Language Barrier?

Bolivia is the most multicultural country in the world. 37 languages are spoken there:

  • Spanish is the main language in big cities.
  • 36 aboriginal Native American languages are mostly spoken in villages (Quechua and Aymara are the most popular of them).

English is taught at school as a foreign language but locals are not quite fluent in it.

If you are not eager to learn Spanish, get ready to use translation services and body language to overcome a language barrier.

Here are some popular gestures in Bolivia for you to know:

  • Patting someone on the shoulder allows you to express your friendliness towards the person.
  • Waving a raised and open palm from side to side means “No”, not “Hello” like in Western culture.
  • Waving the extended index finger means categorical “No”.

What Kind of Relationship Is a Typical Bolivian Lady Looking for?

Conservative views are rather widespread in this country. That’s why every local girl is interested only in dating seriously. She considers her boyfriend as a future husband and has a very negative attitude to flings and open relationships.

How Long Does it Usually Take from the First Meeting till Getting Married?

Bolivian women don’t like it when a relationship is developing rapidly. Usually, it takes from 12 to 36 months to get to know each other enough to tie the knot.