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Paraguay attracts many tourists because it is located right in the center of South America. Moreover, this country is famous for picturesque national parks, magnificent architectural monuments, exotic fruits, and authentic silver jewelry.

Paraguay attracts many tourists because it is located right in the center of South America. Moreover, this country is famous for picturesque national parks, magnificent architectural monuments, exotic fruits, and authentic silver jewelry.

And one more treasure of Paraguay is local ladies. Paraguayan girls are not very popular with Western men, but this is just because foreigners know little about them. Those who find out more details about Paraguayan women, quickly understand that these ladies are awesome.

What Are Paraguayan Women Like?

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Paraguayan Ladies Take Care of Being Beautiful

Even though a lot of people in Paraguay have a rather low income, it doesn’t prevent them from looking pretty and neat. Beauty is considered the most important feature for a lady, so all Paraguayan women take care of being attractive. To look eye-catching, Paraguayan women wear:

  • bright clothes (especially popular are jeans, slacks, T-shirts, blouses, and long dresses);
  • colorful accessories;
  • high-heeled shoes;
  • jewelry;
  • expressive makeup;
  • bright long nails.

But, at the same time with striving for looking captivating, Paraguayan women try not to look vulgar. For example, the women of Paraguay don’t wear mini skirts, dresses, or shorts.

Paraguayan Women Adhere to Traditional Gender Roles

Ladies from this country are feminine, tender, and emotional. They don’t tend to dominate over men. This makes them more attractive to strong and successful men who like gentle and beautiful women.

Paraguayan Girls Are Modest

Perhaps, their shyness makes them little known by foreigners. But many men consider this character trait to be a strong advantage. Paraguayan girls are not the type of ladies who drink a lot of alcohol at parties and sleep around. On the contrary, they are well-mannered, polite, and prefer a healthy lifestyle, which makes them perfect for a serious relationship.

What Are Paraguayan Wives Like?

Paraguayan Girls Become Ready for a Family rather Early

Ladies from this country are perfect for those who are looking for young wives. Women of Paraguay are family-oriented and believe that getting married is more important than getting higher education or making a career. Thus, Paraguayan girls become ready to start a family right when they turn 18.

Paraguayan Women Prioritize Family

There is nothing more important for Paraguayan wives than their husbands’ and kids’ happiness and comfort. Therefore, it is hardly possible to find a more caring and loving wife than a Paraguayan one.

Paraguayan Women Are Awesome Housewives

Paraguayan women don’t work. Therefore, they devote maximum time to housekeeping. Meanwhile, earning money to provide for the family is only a man’s responsibility.

Paraguayan wives are the goddesses of cleanliness. Tidiness and order are very important for them. Thus, they clean their houses thoroughly and take care of their own, their husbands’ and kids’ clothes being always washed and ironed.

Also, Paraguayan wives are great cooks. Their signature dishes are:

  • tortillas — thin flatbread;
  • empanadas — pies with meat or vegetables;
  • different beef, chicken, and pork dishes.

Where to Meet Paraguayan Women?

In Paraguay

You can try to meet ladies in the capital of Paraguay, Asunción, where people are the most progressive. The highest chances to get acquainted with a girl are at local:

  • Parks: Urbano Asunción Park, Carlos Antonio López Park, Health Park, Mburicao Park.
  • Malls: Shopping Mall Excelsior, Paseo La Galería, Paseo Via Allegra, Shopping Del Sol
  • Nightclubs: Coyote, Velvet, Seven.


Paraguay is an interesting country worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. But local society is so conservative that many people have a skeptical or even negative attitude towards foreigners. Add a language barrier to this, and you will understand that it is very difficult to get acquainted with girls in this country.

So, it is better to go online. There are specialized platforms for international dating on the Web. They have the following advantages:

  • You will find only the girls who are eager to start a relationship with a foreigner there.
  • Both of you, especially modest Paraguayan women who are often shy to get acquainted with foreign men offline, will feel less confused while meeting each other online.
  • You will be able to order professional help (e.g. matchmaking, professional translations, gift delivery, organizing a personal meeting, etc.).

Dating a Paraguayan Girl: 3 Tips That Will Help You to Succeed

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  1. Meet Her Parents

This is a crucial point because parents have a great influence on Paraguayan girls. Ladies from this country live together with their parents until they get married, so they follow their advice and don’t contradict their decisions.

Dating a Paraguayan girl is possible only if her parents approve of your candidacy. Therefore, you should be ready to meet the lady’s family as soon as you understand that you are a good match for each other.

To make a good impression on the girl’s parents, show that you respect them (for this, speak politely and give little presents to them), that you are a nice and reliable person, and that you are serious about their daughter.

  1. Take Interest in Local Culture

It is very pleasant for Paraguayan people to notice foreigners taking a sincere interest in their native culture and respecting it. Locals are very proud of their cultural heritage and traditions.

  1. Take Care of Your Beloved Lady

Paraguayans worship traditional gender roles and family values. Therefore, feminine and delicate women expect strong men to take care of them. So, you should support your girlfriend in every possible way:

  • comfort her when she is sad;
  • keep her amused and comfortable at dates;
  • give presents to her;
  • help her financially if she needs this. 


Do Paraguayan Women Date Foreigners?

Though a lot of conservative Paraguayans are not very friendly towards foreigners, many Paraguayan women dream of dating men from abroad. The reason for this is that local men are inclined to adultery. Also, many of them don’t earn enough to provide a good standard of living for their families. Unlike them, foreign men are considered more faithful to their wives and more financially stable.

Do English-Speaking Men Experience the Language Barrier While Dating Paraguayan Girls?

The official languages of this country are Castilian (Latin American dialect of Spanish) and Guaraní. Also, in the areas close to the border with Portugal, many people speak Portuguese. Meanwhile, English is not popular in this country at all. That is why the language barrier may be a serious problem for those who are going to meet Paraguayan girls.

How to Overcome a Language Barrier?

Firstly, it is better to choose the Web as the place for the first acquaintance with Paraguayan ladies. Online dating allows using professional translation services that will help you understand each other perfectly.

Also, it is good to know how Paraguayans express their emotions:

  • It is not customary in this country to shout. Raising your voice is considered to be impolite.
  • Locals often use the “thumb up” gesture to express their positive attitude to something.
  • Winking at someone may be taken as a hint on sex, so it is better not to use this gesture for a woman not to understand you wrong.