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Cuba is a beautiful country with positive people. They have a specific mentality. And it makes them interesting for foreigners. Sexy Cuban women are valued by men from all over the world. Let’s talk about them more detailed: what character they have, what wives they are like, how to deal with them.

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Why Cuban Women are So Popular Nowadays?

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Not all men know much about ladies of this nationality. But for those who are aware of their peculiarities, Cuban women are highly regarded and sought after. They have some treats of character which explain their high popularity. Here they are:

Bright outlook

Women of Cuba do their best to create an outstanding and expressive look. They like everything that helps to emphasize their beautiful bodies: very skinny leggings, tight tops, mini dresses and skirts, light and transparent fabrics. As many things are forbidden to sell in their country, they find and buy modern foreign clothes illegally to be trendy. 

The same thing is about various cosmetics. In the official stores, there is a very meager choice of locally produced beauty products. But the girls get different foreign cosmetics in a difficult way with the help of their acquaintances.

High flirting skills

It seems like pretty Cuban women know how to flirt from birth. They have advanced skills in the art of communication and non-verbal signals that help them to attract males. That is why many tourists are charmed by the girls of Cuba and would like to have a wife from this beautiful and specific country.


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Sexy Cuban girls have no complexes. They like experiments in bed. 


Cuban girls can’t imagine their lives without partying. They like to live a bright and full life full of events. So, hot Cuban women organize noisy and fun celebrations at every opportunity.

And they don’t lose their activeness getting older. Mature women and even senior ladies are as fond of parties as young girls. So, if you marry a Cuban girl, you can be sure that she won’t turn from a cheerful chick to a boring woman in a couple of years. 


Women of this nationality never give up. Cuban women stay positive even in difficult situations. If you want someone to encourage you and make you happy while you are coping with life’s challenges, a Cuban girl can be a great match for you.


These women are always glad to meet new people, make new friends and discuss some interesting topics. A wife from Cuba will easily see eye to eye with your circle.

What are Cuban Wives Like?

Becoming a spouse, Cuban women don’t lose their best qualities. They save their strong points:

  • Passion. Love life with a wife of this nationality won’t become seldom and monotonous.
  • Welcoming. She will always be glad to see the guests in your family house.
  • High spirits. Neither routine nor family hardships can ever make a woman from this country pessimistic.
  • Expressiveness. These ladies save their love for bright and stylish clothes even in mature and old age.
  • Activeness. Cuban girls like movement and are always for any interesting events.
  • Ability to forgive. Though these women are short-tempered, they are forgiving persons. You can have a big quarrel today, but tomorrow everything will be good again. Such ladies don’t hold grudges. Cuban women express their emotions immediately and forget the situation the next day.

That’s why the husbands value them. It seems like they stay young in their hearts forever.

Why Cuban Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Cuba is a great country for tourism and having a rest, but not the best place for permanent living. Especially for females. So, many of them are looking for possibilities to make a life abroad. Here are some factors which explain the willing of Cuban ladies to find a foreign husband:

  • Cheating husbands. For the men from this country, it is a normal thing to cheat on their spouses. They can’t struggle with the temptation because there are a lot of beautiful Cuban women around them.
  • Love for the Western culture. A lot of women of this nationality are fond of the modern developed countries’ culture. Every young Cuban lady would like to become a part of it.
  • The lack of career prospects and a low standard of living. It is very difficult to find a good job in Cuba. Mostly, unqualified workers are in demand. The salaries are very low. And everyone wants a better future for themselves and their children. So, a foreign fiance is a chance to reach a higher standard of living. Moving to another country can give to a lady better professional opportunities.
  • The specific political situation in the homeland. Many things are prohibited there. For example, it is impossible to buy a wide range of imported clothes or cosmetics in a legal way. So, it takes much effort to look stylish. Young ladies who always want to be trendy find opportunities to leave the homeland.

Where to Meet Cuban Women?

It is possible to get acquainted while traveling to Cuba. There are plenty of beautiful girls on the streets.

But you can never know what their intentions are. It is very difficult for tourists to find decent Cuban women for marriage just on the streets. The ladies with serious intentions are skeptical of getting acquainted with tourists. And the women who flirt with foreigners right on the streets often just want to get money from them. Some of them can be even already married.

So, don’t push your luck. It is better to find a place where you see the lady’s purposes at once. On the Internet, there are special websites that can help you to find a Cuban bride.

Cuban Dating Culture: 5 Tips on Dating Cuban Girls

Dating a Cuban woman can be challenging because of the difference in mentality and lifestyle. Here are some recommendations that can help you to build a relationship with a lady like this:

  • Show your sense of humor. Cuban girls like positive people because they are also like this. New funny jokes can be the best way to attract their attention.
  • Ensure a variety of impressions. Cuban women can’t stand sameness. If you want to keep dating you should always think of something new. Don’t let your girlfriend be bored.
  • Don’t limit her in parties. Anyway, it won’t bring any results. If you try to make her life calmer, she will just get offended. So, better join her and have fun together.
  • Be honest. In their opinion, lie is the greatest sin. Even adultery is better than not being honest. Don’t tell her false facts about yourself. If you have done something bad, don’t lie, better say the truth honestly. Because if she gets to know it from somebody else, she won’t forgive you.
  • Get along with her friends. As Cuban girls are very sociable, their surrounding has a great influence on them. If you don’t get along with your bride’s friends your chances to become her husband decrease.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cuban Women

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If you still have some white spots in your knowledge about the ladies of this peculiar nationality we will talk about the most important issues.

Do Cuban women have access to the Internet?

All the world knows that there are problems with the connection to the Web on this island. The Internet had been prohibited for a long period. But, fortunately, these times are gone. Now there is access to the Web for local people.

But still, there are some difficulties. First of all, the Internet is slowly. Secondly, it is expensive for many local people. And finally, most Cubans can use it only in the special Internet clubs.

So, don’t be alarmed if your girlfriend answers you slowly and rarely. This is not because she is not interested in you but because she might have limited access to the Internet.

But the difficulties with the connection to the Web in this country can have some advantages for you. As the access to the Internet is expensive, only the girls with serious intentions will use it as a way to find a fiance. Also, you will not waste your time on the girls from dysfunctional families because they hardly have access to the Web.

Do Cuban girls speak English?

Cuban women’s English is rather poor. It will be enough only for elementary conversations on plain and common topics. It would be great if you speak Spanish to discuss something more serious and complicated. But still, modern technologies allow avoiding the language barrier. You can use any online translator you wish.

Are Cuban women good housekeepers?

They can cope with all the household chores like cooking or cleaning. But don’t expect any culinary delights from the Cuban wife. The strengths of these ladies are attractiveness, activeness, and passion, not diligence and care.

Are Cuban girls well-educated?

The system of education in Cuba is good. As it is possible to get higher education for free, many local people don’t miss this opportunity.