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Haiti is a country with gorgeous nature. And so the women are there as well. Many men who see them fall in love from the first sight. Let’s find out what makes Haitian women so adorable. What character traits help them to attract men. And what kind of wives they can be.

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Why Haitian women are so Popular Nowadays?

haitian girls
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They are really specific. And many men understand it. They are very different from European or American ladies. And some of their peculiarities make them more interesting as women, girlfriends, and wives. Here are nine qualities men love Haitian girls for.


These girls have huge dark eyes, splendid voluminous dark hair, and chocolate skin. It’s hard not to be excited by such a marvelous appearance.


Haitian girls appreciate their own natural beauty. They don’t like tattoo, piercing, silicon or any other artificial improvement of their bodies. This naturalness attracts many men who are tired of women with artificially improved bodies.


Haitian women are not confined to any stereotypes. They are of a free mindset and liberal views.

With no complexes

Beautiful Haitian girls accept themselves as they are. They never criticize themselves and are not shy about their bodies.


Pretty Haitian women value themselves and stay prideful even living in very poor conditions. This makes them attractive to men who see self-contained persons in them.


Hot Haitian girls don’t see anything shameful in expressing their sexuality openly. They don’t hide their passion and follow their natural instincts without any doubts.


It’s hard to predict the next step of Haitian women while dating them. So, you won’t be bored in such relationships. Also, these ladies are ready to move to your country at any time because there is nothing to keep them on their motherland.


Haitian women stay positive even living in one of the poorest countries in the world. So, there is no such life’s difficulty which can drive them to despair.


Though the country is very poor sexy Haitian women try hard to look fashionable. They like bright close-fitting clothes that emphasize the beauty of their bodies.

What are Haitian wives Like?

They are:

  • Not demanding. Haitian girls are used to living in a poor financial situation. So, they are not very fastidious about living conditions. If your house is not big or you even live in rented accommodation it wouldn’t be a problem for her.
  • Not annoying. Haitian women are self-contained, so, they don’t need too much attention. Furthermore, they do not tend to suffer from being bored because they are used to having few entertainments on their motherland. So, the wife of this nationality won’t claim that you should visit restaurants or parties together every day.
  • Not controlling. Haitian wife will not expect the reports from you about where you go, what you do at the weekend if you spend it separately from her and so on. The culture on their motherland includes respect to personal boundaries. The people from this country believe that nobody should control anybody. Though you are her spouse you have the right to do what you want without reporting to her.
  • Forgiving. Haitian women can forgive everything except violence. They don’t consider adultery to be a mortal sin. This kind of wife can easily forgive this because on their motherland it is a very widespread thing. So, you can be relatively free in flirting with other girls even being married. If you are not ready to give up diversity then the woman of this nationality is a perfect match for you.
  • Loving. Pretty Haitian women know how to express their feelings. They do it both in bed and in daily life. You will always feel loved if your wife is of this nationality.
  • Forever young at heart. These ladies don’t lose their optimism and life energy becoming older. They keep being energetic and ready for changes in mature age.

Why Haitian Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

A foreign fiance is a daydream for almost all the ladies from this country. And this is not surprising. Here are two reasons for such a strong willingness to find a husband from abroad:

  • Seeking a better life. Women in Haiti live in a terribly poor financial situation. So, any developed country seems to be paradise on earth for them. Many people of this nationality dream of moving abroad. But it is very difficult. Developed countries don’t want to give visas to Haitian people. So, the last chance to see a better life is to marry a foreigner.
  • The absence of a job and a high crime rate on the motherland. The unemployment rate is horribly high in this country. And it keeps increasing. So, the crime rate is enhancing in proportion to the jobless rate. Nobody wants to live in such conditions. So, Haitian women look at foreign husbands as at the chance to escape from their motherland.

Where to Meet Haitian Women?

It is a very bad idea to travel to Haiti in search of Haitian women for marriage. Firstly, this country is dangerous for tourists. Especially if you’ve got any expensive things like accessories from famous brands, costly smartphones or precious jewelry. There is a high risk of being robbed. Furthermore, local women will never get acquainted with foreigners in real life. You will face contempt and ignore.

So, it is much better to use modern technologies to meet Haitian girls. There are many websites on which Haitian mail order brides are looking for their happiness. You will have a big choice and what is more important you will be completely safe.

Haitian Dating Culture: 4 Tips on Dating Haitian Girls

Dating a Haitian woman has some peculiarities explained with her national mentality. We have prepared 4 tips on how to enhance your chances to make a good impression on the lady of this nationality and to win her heart. Here they are:

  • Tell her that she is beautiful and sexy. These women like when men appreciate their attractiveness. Give her compliments, and she will definitely like it.
  • Give her presents. Haitian women appreciate generous men. So, don’t be greedy if you want to keep on dating the girl of this nationality. Ask her if she needs anything or make surprises. It will help your relationships to be stronger.
  • Invite her to the country you live in. When you have decided to meet your Haitian bride in real life it’s better to invite her to the country you live in than to go to her motherland. She will be very happy to see good living conditions and the peculiarities of lifestyle in your country.
  • Be active in sex. For hot Haitian girls, “I love you” means the same that “I want you” and vice versa. So, if you don’t show her that you want her she will suggest that you don’t love her.

Frequently Asked Questions about Haitian Women

Here are some more things you should know about these ladies. We have given the answers to the most widespread questions about them.

Can they speak English?

English is not the most popular language in this country. The majority of the population speaks French. Some people know English as well but not on a high level.

But if you love each other the language barrier won’t be an obstacle for the relationships. Modern technologies like online translators will help you to understand each other. 

Are they well educated?

Education is not on a high level in Haiti. Very few people graduate from universities because it doesn’t give any career prospects anyway.

Are they good at housekeeping?

These ladies can keep order even living in poor conditions. So, cleaning your flat or house won’t be a problem for them. Cooking is also not difficult for women of this nationality.

Do Haitian women work after marriage?

Many of them will willingly find a job. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to get a job in their motherland. But when she moves to your country she will be glad to have an opportunity to work and earn money.

The lack of education will not be an obstacle. These ladies can be engaged in unqualified jobs with pleasure. Besides, many of them have experience in the beauty sphere. To earn even a bit of money on their motherland, they provide beauty services like manicure, haircuts or hairdos right at their homes.

What to give to a Haitian girl as a present?

You have already found out from the previous subheading that these women like presents. But it can be difficult for you to make a decision about what will make your girlfriend happy. Of course, it is better to ask her about her preferences. But what to do if you want to make a surprise. The universal present for Haitian girls is clothes or footwear of famous brands. Ladies of this nationality like it very much.