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Jamaica is a country of contradictions and contrasts. And the people have a very interesting culture and character there. Specific personality and outstanding appearance make Jamaican women enviable brides for men from all over the world. Let’s look at the main characteristics of ladies of this nationality more detailed.

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Why Jamaican Women are so Popular Nowadays?

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Many men are excited by them. And there are many reasons for it. Jamaican girls have the peculiarities of appearance and character that make them so attractive to the opposite sex. Here are these features.

Appealing bodies

Though women in Jamaica are not very slim they are good-looking. It is not fashionable to be thin in this country. But many girls are sporty. And their beautiful curves attract men.


Jamaican girls always have a neat outfits. They thoroughly follow hygiene rules and always smell good even living in a very hot climate.

Bright outlook

Beautiful Jamaican women are fond of vivid colors. They wear bright clothes and accessories. Many of them do extravagant hairdos or have their hair dyed in different bright colors. Also, they like long colorful nails and often go to beauty salons.

So, they can’t get lost in a crowd. The outlook will definitely attract other people’s attention.

Calm character

Jamaican women are not expressive. They don’t like fuss or sorting things out roughly. And this tranquility is transmitted to the persons who are close to them. Communicating with such a lady will help you to relax and leave all the troubles of the passing day in the past.


The character of Jamaican ladies is very contradictory. Though they are calm it doesn’t mean that they are quiet. Pretty Jamaican girls become even more attractive for men because of their positiveness and easy-going temper. They always smile, talk over the positive topics, make jokes, and laugh. Being always in high spirits is the part of Jamaican national tint.


Jamaican women never impose and don’t become attached to anything. As they don’t run after anyone it makes men run after them.


Jamaican girls are very sincere. They will never tell lies to their life partners. It makes the ladies of this nationality appropriate for long-term relations and building families.

What are Jamaican wives Like?

There are many Jamaican women for marriage whom you can find in this country or online. If you are not sure yet that you want to marry a woman of this nationality then have a look at the main characteristics of an average Jamaican wife. She is:

  • Honest. Jamaican women can’t stand the lie. They never mislead their husbands.
  • Fair. Women of this nationality believe that both spouses are equal. They won’t insist on anything, tell you what to do and so on. But, of course, they will expect the same from you.
  • Caring. Ladies from this country do everything for their life partners to feel good. If you’ve got a wife from Jamaica you will be sure that you always have someone to lean on.
  • Feminine. If you are the type of man who wants to take care of someone then a Jamaican wife is the best choice for you. Though the women of this nationality feel like independent persons they are the embodiment of femininity. They don’t compete with their husbands and like it when they take care of them.
  • Sexy. Many men are afraid of the worsening of sexual life after the wedding. But you shouldn’t even think about this if you’ve got a Jamaican bride.
  • Proud. No one wants to live together with a person who doesn’t respect herself. But the girls of this nationality are very confident and self-contained. They respect both their own and their life partner’s personal boundaries. It is easy and convenient to build a family with this type of person.

Why Jamaican Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Here are three main reasons for this:

  • They are fond of Western men. They like their appearance, manners, and intelligence.
  • There are fewer men than women in their motherland. It makes Jamaican ladies broaden their horizons and look at foreign men as potential husbands.
  • There are many unserious men in this country. So, the ladies of this nationality look for foreign men with serious intentions.

Where to Meet Hot Jamaican Women?

You can easily get acquainted while having a vacation in this country. Local people including women are very friendly. But select the right place to meet Jamaican girls. It is better to get acquainted with a girl at any interesting event than at the beach or in the club. In these two places, you have a risk to get acquainted with an unserious girl who doesn’t want any long-term relations. Don’t be too naive communicating with hot Jamaican girls who are permanently hanging around with many people including foreigners. There is a high risk just to lose money and don’t get a girlfriend.

Also, if you have decided to find a Jamaican bride in real life after some time of communication necessarily ask her if she is single. Sometimes the lady from this country can show the friendliness which a man can concern to be flirting. So, it is better to find out for sure if the girl hasn’t got a boyfriend and is looking for a relationship.

But if you are not ready to set up in Jamaica in search of a future wife, there is a possibility to find her online. There are some websites on which hot Jamaican girls are waiting for their princes.

Jamaican Dating Culture: 12 Tips on Dating Jamaican Girls

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If you want dating a Jamaican woman be pleasant for both sides and lead to the wedding in the future you should do your best to make her feel comfortable with you. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Be neat and well-groomed. Jamaican women like well-dressed men who look after themselves. They believe that the person who respects himself will never wear untidy clothes or ignore personal hygiene.
  • Be self-assured. These hot girls are fond of confident men.
  • Stay positive. If you are not you won’t be on the same page with the woman from this country.
  • Be honest. This is the thing that is the most important in relationships in the opinion of Argentina girls.
  • Don’t deny her anything. Ladies from Jamaica like gentlemen. They appreciate a good attitude and taking care of them. If she asks her about anything and you refuse she will get offended. And if it happens often it can lead to a breakup.
  • Spend money on her. You just need to do it if you want to date the women from Jamaica. Ladies need much money for self-care and different things that make their lives better. And Jamaican women don’t think that they should earn finances for everything by themselves. So, they won’t respect a man who doesn’t spend money on them.
  • Help her and her family. Ladies of this nationality value support. Also, they cherish their families very much. And if you help the members of her family it will make her respect you even more than before.
  • Don’t try to change her. Jamaican women are as they are. And they embrace who they are. If you don’t like anything about her and tell her this she will not change. She will just consider that you don’t respect her personality.
  • Never tell her what she should do. These women like freedom. They will never date a man who tries to command.
  • Don’t touch her things. This will be taken as a violation of their personal boundaries.
  • Respect her personal boundaries. Don’t be too intrusive. Jamaican girls need to stay on their own sometimes. They like to think of their lives or just to spend some time alone. And you should understand this. Don’t insist on spending time together if she doesn’t want it. And don’t be offended if she sometimes wants to spend an evening or a weekend separately from you.
  • Be active in bed. Sexy Jamaican women can’t imagine their lives without intimacy. So, if your sexual life is low-quality, boring, and seldom neither feelings nor money will be able to save your relations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jamaican Women

Do Jamaican Girls speak English?

Yes. All the population speaks English. Also, there is a special local dialect in Jamaica which is a combination of several languages. They use it in their everyday life speaking to each other. But it’s not a problem for them to speak English.

Are they good housekeepers?

Jamaican women prefer sharing household chores equally with their husbands. They don’t divide them into women’s and men’s. So, it is very important for you to know how to cook and clean the house. Your lady can decide that you will cook breakfasts and she will prepare dinners or you will do it in turn on different days. But you definitely won’t be free from the household chores at all.

What is the most important thing in relationships for Jamaican women?

Jamaican girls value trust very much. They believe that if people love each other they can have some misunderstandings or arguments sometimes but the lie is unacceptable. Jamaican wives always tell the truth to their spouses and expect the same from their husbands.

Also, the financial issue plays not the last role in relationships. Though Jamaican women are independent by their characters they don’t have the willingness to be independent by their finances. They believe that earning money is men’s duty. So, if a man doesn’t know how to earn good money or is greedy he won’t be able to develop a relationship with a lady of this nationality.